3 Reasons to Visit Restaurants in Bozeman This Weekend

May 7, 2021 | Bozeman MT Restaurant

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Spring is finally here! There’s something special about springtime in Montana, and the warmer weather and sunny days are especially welcome after a challenging year. People are starting to get outside more and there are plenty of great reasons to treat yourself by visiting your favorite Bozeman, Montana restaurants this weekend.

1. Enjoy a Night Off From Cooking

The last year has been a lot. Many of us have navigated so much, and it’s prime time to spoil yourself by enjoying a night off from cooking. If you’ve had a long week or— on the flipside— if you’re looking to celebrate a win, there’s always a good reason to enjoy a night off from cooking and to order from your favorite restaurants in Bozeman. Get together with close friends or family and head to one of the downtown Bozeman restaurants (several of them now have outdoor or patio seating, so you can enjoy your meal and the warm weather all at once). Otherwise, put your feet up and order a takeout so you can enjoy your favorite dish in the comfort of your own home. Either way, why not treat yourself?

2. Eat Local to Support Our Bozeman Restaurants

Restaurants and local businesses have been hit particularly hard by the pandemic and the ever-changing circumstances that came with it. The evidence around COVID-19’s impact on local businesses— and in turn around the positive impact that local businesses have on our communities, is staggering:

  • Local restaurants are bouncing back from the pandemic slower than the larger chain restaurants and corporations are.
  • Locally-owned restaurants and businesses are crucial for our local economies, employment, and culture.
  • $68 for every $100 stays in the community when spent at a local business. When spending the same at a corporation or national chain, only $43 stays in your community.

We all know the wonderful feeling that comes with finding your new favorite dish at your preferred restaurant in town, and now is the perfect time to support your favorite local restaurants in Bozeman.

3. Immerse Yourself In Bozeman’s Food Scene

Bozeman has a wonderful and ever-changing food scene, and even throughout such a difficult year it’s been amazing to see new restaurants setting up in town. There’s a little something for everyone here: from fine dining to fusion restaurants to burger joints, and everything in between. If you’re wondering where to eat in Bozeman, there are plenty of blogs and guides covering the best restaurants in Bozeman, and asking friends and family for recommendations always goes a long way.

Spring is finally here and the days are warming up, and it’s the perfect time to treat yourself to your favorite meal at your favorite restaurant in Bozeman. If you’re looking for delicious fresh seafood and a fantastic wine list, get your family or close friends together and come and see us at Feast. Your table is waiting for you!

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