5 Reasons to Come Into Feast on a Monday

Nov 4, 2019 | How To's / Food Connoisseur

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If you’ve come into Feast before, you probably don’t need another reason to return– the food is just that good– but now that we are open on Mondays, we thought we would do a fun reasons-to-come-in-on-a-Monday post. So here are our top 5 reasons to come into Feast on a Monday. 

Reason #1: There’s no better way to start off a week than with an incredible dinner

The work week can be long and difficult, and people often wait until the end of the week to go out to dinner. The issue with waiting until the end of the week is that you can end up with pent-up stress, frustration, and tiredness that can then spoil a great dinner with the family. If you go out on Monday, you’re refreshed from the weekend and can start the week off on the right foot, having had a great meal and some quality time with friends and family early in the week.  

Reason #2: If you’re not one for crowds, less people do group-night on Monday

Fridays and Saturdays at restaurants can be fun, if you’re into a bustling restaurant with vibrant noises and the chatter of happy people. But if you’re in the mood to have a more intimate night with your loved one, come in on a Monday. Traditionally, Mondays are a bit quieter with smaller groups of people and thus the restaurant is more tranquil and perfect for a date night. So if you’re looking to have an intimate, relaxing night with your loved one, come in on Monday, get a glass of wine, and enjoy yourselves. 

Reason #3: Feast has the best happy hour in Bozeman

Our happy hour is every day from 5pm-6pm and features these incredible dishes and deals: 

We’re talking $1 off any tap beer or tap wine, deals galore on seafood like fresh shucked oysters, or a basket of delicious truffle Parmesan french fries for $6. It’s delectable, mouthwatering goodness on a plate and in a glass, and Monday is the perfect day to treat yourself to some fresh oysters and a glass of wine.

Reason #4: 3 ounces of oysters have 74 milligrams of zinc, which is super important for health! 

Oysters are an incredible source of zinc (the best actually), which is vital for enzyme function, immune function, for proper wound healing, and is even required for a proper sense of taste and smell. Feast is known for the fresh, raw bar that features sustainable oysters from Chesapeake Bay. Plus, we have happy hour deals on oysters from 5pm to 6pm. So come on in and get your daily dose of zinc! 

Reason #5: Do You Really Need Another Reason to Come Into Feast

Feast is one of the best restaurants in Bozeman, Montana with a 5-star review average with 114 reviews on TripAdvisor, and we’re ranked the #1 Fine Dining restaurant in Bozeman on TripAdvisor. We take pride in the food we make, striving for the freshest ingredients, mouthwatering flavors, and impeccable service. We feature fresh seafood shipped overnight, local bison and wild game, vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free menu items, and a wine list with over 100 options. So, do you really need any other reason to come in?

Monday is a perfect day to come into Feast to enjoy some quality food with your friends or loved ones. Coming in on Monday is a great way to kick off the week on a good note, enjoy some incredible happy hour items, fresh oysters, and–frankly– do you need any other reason? We look forward to seeing you next Monday!

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