Best Wild Game to Eat in Montana

Jul 14, 2022 | Bozeman MT Restaurant

Montana is well-known as a hunter’s paradise and is home to a diverse range of animals across the mountain ranges and golden prairies. When it comes to local cuisine, we believe Montana has some of the best wild game to eat in the Northwest. Whether you’re a Bozeman native or are visiting our beautiful state for the first time, eating local food, particularly wild game, is part of experiencing the rich culture of the Treasure State. We’ve outlined some of the top wild game in Montana and the reasons why eating wild game can enhance your Bozeman dining experience (especially if you try it at Feast!).

Montana Wild Game

While some individuals hunt for sport or to help manage wildlife populations, many Montanans choose to hunt to enjoy the one-of-a-kind flavors and health benefits that come from wild game meat. There are many different kinds of huntable species listed by the Montana Fish, Wildlife, & Parks, but we’ve found the animals below are some of the best wild game to eat in Montana:

  • White-Tailed Deer – Venison from white-tailed deer is a wonderful source of lean protein. It is often enjoyed in steaks, burgers, stews, and sausages, among others.
  • Bison – It’s hard to compete with the flavor of bison meat. Its slightly sweet undertones set it apart from regular meat, and it lacks the gamey taste some wild game tends to have.
  • Elk – With their impressive antlers and lean meat, elk are one of hunters’ top choices for great-tasting meat. Elk is noted for being one of the best-tasting meats around, as it often lacks the “gamey” taste found in other wild animals.
  • Trout – Whether it’s rainbow, brook, cutthroat, or brown trout, these delicious fish can provide a diet high in protein and low in saturated fats when properly prepared.

Benefits of Eating Local Wild Game

  1. Low Fat Content – The low fat content is one of the top perks of eating wild game. Due to their active lifestyle and natural nutrition, wild game has a very low fat content.
  2. No Hormones or Antibiotics – Meat with no hormones or antibiotics is one of the best benefits of eating wild game. Experts indicate that foods free from hormones are better for one’s health, as our bodies already produce hormones naturally.
  3. Flavor – The flavor of wild game is unbeatable—there’s no doubt about that! A wild animal’s regular activity boosts blood circulation, which results in an increase in flavor. While some wild game may yield tougher cuts of meat than farm-raised meat, proper preparation can create tender meat dishes packed full of unbeatable flavors.

Feast: the Best Place to Eat Wild Game

At Feast Raw Bar & Bistro, Montana is our heart and soul, so we feature the local produce and game of our beautiful state with our signature offerings alongside other locally-sourced ingredients.. Refined dining is not often associated with wild game, so we aim to bring the two together to show how Montana game can broaden the dining experience and enrich our concept of fine dining.

Wild Game Features on Our Menu

Our plates rotate seasonally, so we often feature a range of wild game throughout the year. On our current menu, bison is one of the staple wild game meats we like to feature. Since it compares to beef in its taste and texture, we’ve found it to be an incredibly versatile game to include in our dishes. Of course, we spice it up with our signature touch of culinary ingenuity so you can experience the flavors of local wild game with the refined touch of an upscale restaurant. Below are two of our plates that place bison meat at center stage:

  • Bison Tenderloin – 8 oz bison tenderloin with grilled zucchini, roasted corn, poblano relish, herb roasted local mushrooms, chimichurri, sweet potato, and smoked tomato bravas sauce.
  • Bison Carpaccio – fried capers, red onion, parmesan, arugula, shallot vinaigrette, and grilled crostini.

Try Montana Wild Game Today

If you’re new to the area and looking for places to eat in Bozeman, Montana, Feast can give you the truly unparalleled local dining experience you’ve been craving. Whether you’re on the hunt for fresh seafood or wanting to try some of the best wild game to eat in Montana, we blend exceptional flavors with high-quality ingredients to create memory-making dishes. Reserve your table at Feast today.

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