Darigold: Feast Purveyor Highlight

Apr 24, 2024 | Bozeman MT Restaurant

Darigold dairy cow

At Feast Raw Bar & Bistro, we take pride in showcasing the exceptional produce of local farmers and purveyors in our carefully curated menu. Our deep appreciation for our suppliers shines through in every bite—it’s our passion to harness the richness of the bounty they provide. One purveyor we partner with is Darigold, a dairy cooperative owned by farming families throughout the Northwest. Read on to learn more about Darigold’s cooperative and see how their dairy products make our bistro one of the best places to eat in Bozeman.

About Darigold

Founded in 1918 by a visionary group of Washington farmers, Darigold is the marketing and processing subsidiary of the Northwest Dairy Association. The Northwest Dairy Association is a farmer-owned and led cooperative of nearly 300 family-owned dairy farms located throughout Montana, Oregon, Idaho, and Washington. They are considered one of the largest dairy producers in the United States and process about 10 billion pounds of milk each year.

Darigold has been steadfast in their commitment to quality with every drop of milk they produce. They are known for producing a wide range of dairy-based products that include calcium-rich milk, rbST-free creams, sweet cream butter, hand-crafted cottage cheese, and fresh sour cream. While they continue to create classic ingredients, their new milk products focus on boosting nutrition and flavor to support a healthy lifestyle. It’s this unwavering dedication to innovation, community, and crafting wholesome offerings that propels Darigold to focus on the future and is why we at Feast appreciate them so much.

One of the Northwest Dairy Association’s admirable goals is their commitment to reaching greenhouse neutrality by 2050. They have implemented several practices to attain this goal, such as containing methane by-products and converting them into renewable natural gas for electricity. They recognize that dairy farmers play a pivotal role in climate change in the United States and are working hard on their farms and in their processing facilities to limit their environmental impact. It is how they will continue to thrive for another hundred years, as Darigold puts it, by helping to “create a world where people, animals, and the planet can prosper.”

How We Use Darigold Products

Our admiration for Darigold runs deep. Like with all of our local purveyors, we feel that partnering with them is a privilege. We value their dedication to the environment and the communities they serve, and we love how the high-quality, delicious milk products they provide our restaurant elevate our dishes. It’s why we celebrate the benefits of locally sourced ingredients because we understand they are integral in nurturing and sustaining our community.

As Co-owner and Chef Steve Kuntz shares, “We love that Darigold is a farmer-owned cooperative based in the Northwest, our local region. They produce high quality heavy whipping cream which is the item we use most. Chantilly cream and custards require that high fat content for desserts; and our sweet potato gratin served with the Butcher’s Cut would not be the same without it.”

The Advantages of Locally Sourced Ingredients

Our unwavering commitment to culinary excellence drives our partnerships with purveyors like Darigold. We recognize that locally sourced ingredients enhance the flavors we create at Feast and positively impact our community. There are many other benefits of embracing community suppliers and sourcing ingredients locally, such as:

  • They promote environmental sustainability, as the reduced transportation distances of local ingredients help mitigate water and air pollution associated with long-distance shipping.
  • They stimulate economic growth by reinvesting in our community, bolstering local farms, and fostering sustainability.
  • They retain their nutrient density for longer periods compared with not locally sourced ingredients, which are subjected to prolonged transit times.

To learn more about how Feast is a big proponent of sourcing fresh, local ingredients, read “The Power of Locally Sourced Ingredients”.

Ready to Taste Delicious Flavors that will Delight You?

If you’re ready to enjoy culinary creations that tantalize your taste buds, join us in supporting cooperatives like Darigold and make a reservation at Feast Bar & Bistro for dinner tonight! Reserve your table online or call us at (406) 577-2377.


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