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Mar 21, 2023 | Bozeman MT Restaurant, How To's / Food Connoisseur

The Great Alone Cattle Company beef cattle

While seafood is a focal point on our restaurant’s menu, at Feast Raw Bar & Bistro, we specialize in a wide variety of unique plates that feature a range of high-quality meats as the dish’s star. As a restaurant in Montana, we knew beef needed to be a menu staple, especially local, pasture-raised beef sourced from Montana ranchers. To continue making our beef dishes flavorful, fresh, and high-quality, we turn to the Great Alone Cattle Company for all-natural beef. Read on to learn more about the Great Alone Cattle Company, one of the many local purveyors we’re proud to partner with for our ingredient needs.

About The Great Alone Cattle Company

Part of a fourth-generation ranching family, the Great Alone Cattle Company is a female-owned operated cattle company based in Two Dot, Montana. From its inception, the company has sought to use all-natural beef as a way to provide consumers with safe, fresh, high-quality ingredients to enrich their lives and health. To accomplish this mission, the Great Alone Cattle Company’s founders dedicate extensive time and care toward ensuring that their ranching practices give back to the land, the cattle, and the community.

To raise premium beef, the Great Alone Consumer Company blends heritage ranching techniques with modern practices to provide the highest quality of life for their cattle and the surrounding wildlife. Their cattle are pasture-raised, allowed to roam freely in the fresh air and enjoy the crisp streams that run through the land. In addition, the Great Alone Cattle Company has received the “Grazed on Audobon Certified Bird Friendly Land” certification. This seal of approval acknowledges farms and ranches committed to raising their livestock in a manner that enhances the local habitat for focal bird species and other wildlife. This certification also spotlights the companies that adhere to forage consumption protocols that allow cattle to graze on open pastures, commit to the compassionate treatment of animals, and are dedicated to environmental sustainability that results in clean streams, healthy soils, and a balanced ecosystem. To protect consumers and ensure their beef is healthy, top-quality, and nutritious, their beef is USDA inspected, IMI verified, and GAP certified. All of their beef products are Montana-raised, processed, and packaged.

Along with giving back to the land and their cattle, the Great Alone Cattle Company seeks to give back to the community, as well. They have partnered with local non-profits to make donations to organizations such as the Rescue Mission and local food banks, supplying high-quality protein to families facing food insecurity.. Learn more about the Great Alone Cattle Company and its mission here.

How We Use The Great Alone Cattle Company’s Products

The Great Alone Cattle Company’s premium beef has truly made our dishes shine and is a staple in many crowd-favorite plates. Here’s a sampling of one of the many meals on our regular menu that feature the Great Alone Cattle Company’s local beef:

  • Feast Burger – Our Feast Burger features a third pound, Montana beef burger, herbed Amaltheia Organic Dairy goat cheese, mango chutney, stout mustard, arugula, a brioche bun, and french fries.

The Benefits of Locally Sourced Food Suppliers

As a Bozeman restaurant, we’re committed to sourcing the majority of our ingredients from local food suppliers. Our state and its people are precious to us, and sourcing local foods helps give back to the lcoal environment, economy, and people. Bonus, locally-sourced foods are higher in quality and fresher than ingredients sourced out of state. This helps us create the memorable, delicious dishes you know and love at Feast. To further explore the power of locally sourced food, check out our article here.

Enjoy Locally-Sourced Beef at Feast

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