Timeless Seeds: Feast Purveyor Highlight

May 18, 2022 | Bozeman MT Restaurant

Spoon of lentils from Timeless Seeds

At Feast, we’re always grateful to receive compliments about our menu from food presentation to flavor. But we know our food wouldn’t be the same without the top-notch purveyors we’ve been fortunate enough to partner with. We believe Montana’s local food has power, so we’re celebrating the food suppliers in Montana whose locally-sourced produce gives our dishes life. This May, we’re highlighting the team and crops at Timeless Seeds Natural Food, a purveyor rooted in Montana history and heart.

About Timeless Seeds

Timeless Seeds, a local producer of heirloom organic lentils and specialty grains, is nestled in the ranching town of Ulm, Montana. Since 1987, the founders of Timeless Seeds have dedicated themselves to crop rotations, natural fertilizer, and alternative agriculture to provide high-quality products that take care of the land and its people. When first starting their business, most folks in Montana knew little to nothing about the value of leguminous crops and organic farming. Timeless Seeds’ founders were truly pioneers in their field. After decades of hard work and perseverance, Timeless Seeds, Inc. has grown to become renowned nationwide for its premium quality crops. Their products are high in natural nutrition, GMO-free, certified organic, and kosher. From French Green Lentils to Garbanzo Beans, Timeless Seeds’ products bring color, flavor, and texture to all kinds of dishes.

Timeless Seeds’ crops are produced by a team of certified organic family farmers who genuinely care about their land and crops. They support these farmers with soil-building crop alternatives, fair prices, and new market opportunities. Timeless Seeds also seeks to give back to the planet through its sustainability strategy. This strategy identifies ways the company can reduce its environmental footprint on the planet. They use minimal packaging and biodegradable materials to reduce post-consumer waste, and they have a policy for reusing and recycling. Timeless Seeds promotes the viability of sustainable agriculture through educational opportunities, as well.

How We Use Timeless Seeds’ Products

We aim to always use high-quality, delicious ingredients in our menu items, so Timeless Seeds’ products are a perfect fit for our restaurant. Lentils and grains are staples in many of our dishes and pair great with grilled veggies, pan-seared meats, and much more. Here are two dishes on our Feast menu that feature Timeless Seeds’ products:

  • Grilled Cauliflower – Our Grilled Cauliflower includes quinoa, green lentils, and vegetable stir fry with crispy chickpea, turmeric lime tahini, pistachio and sesame crumble, and sriracha aioli.
  • Pineapple Chili Salmon – This dish features toasted quinoa and lentils, crispy spiced chickpea, turmeric carrot puree, coconut-sesame crumble, roasted red pepper coulis, and seasonal vegetables.

The Benefits of Locally-Sourced Food

We value using Montana’s local food to support the local economy, environment, and people. Locally-sourced foods are fresher, higher in quality, and tastier than ingredients sourced out of state. Best of all, they help give back to the farmers and ranchers that help keep our state going. To learn more about the power of local food, check out our article here.

Enjoy Locally-Sourced Food at Feast

We take meticulous care to craft the best food in Bozeman. That means sourcing the best ingredients from our local farmers, ranchers, and companies to create one-of-a-kind Montana cuisine. If you’re ready to taste and see all that Montana food has to offer, stop by Feast tonight—your table is ready!

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