Gallatin Valley Botanical: Feast Purveyor Highlight

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Feast vegetables from Gallatin Valley Botanical

When we started Feast Raw Bar & Bistro in 2015 with three good friends and a dream, we made a purposeful decision to support our community by sourcing as many of our ingredients as possible from local purveyors. Locally sourced ingredients are integral to our menu, as they bring fresh quality and complex flavors to every dish we serve. We love the purveyors we work with and enjoy celebrating the delicious bounty they supply our restaurant. One of those amazing purveyors is Gallatin Valley Botanical, which is a local certified organic farm. Explore their story and see how their ingredients elevate our restaurant to one of the best places to eat in Bozeman.

About Gallatin Valley Botanical

“With a dream and a shovel,” Gallatin Valley Botanical (GVB) started when Matt and Jacy Rothschiller leased two acres of alfalfa farmland in the fertile rolling hills of Manhattan, Montana. Since that momentous moment in 2003, their farming operation has expanded considerably. They now own and manage 57 acres of pastoral farmland just outside the city limits of Bozeman, Montana.

A certified organic farm, GVB offers a diverse range of organic vegetables, cut flowers, eggs, cider, pumpkins, and pasture-raised lamb, pork, and poultry. Patrons can enjoy spending sun-drenched autumn afternoons at the farm picking crisp apples in the orchards. Or, they can discover fresh herbs and jars of golden honey at the farm’s market stand.

Gallatin Valley Botanical’s philosophy is to create ecological diversity and balance with their farm. They work diligently hand-in-hand with nature to maintain their farm’s soil and fertility. Matt and Jacy emphasize the importance of “continually replenishing the soil they depend upon” for their healthy crops. They do this by using beneficial insects, which pollinate crops and control pests. They also implement farming practices like cover cropping, crop rotation, and inter-planting methods to help maintain their soil’s health and vitality.

They currently provide products to 12 local restaurants, including Feast Raw Bar & Bistro. GVB also offers a summer and a winter community-supported agriculture (CSA) program. With their farm and outreach, GVB aims towards an “ecologically sustainable farm that can help feed our neighbors and build a community.”

How We Use Gallatin Valley Botanical Products

We highly value working with Gallatin Valley Botanical, a team that cares about their farm’s soil health, the local community, and the legacy they leave behind. Their thoughtful attention to implementing the best organic farming practices shines through with every appetizing bite of carrot, salad green, and herb they grow. That’s why we knew we needed their ingredients included in our menu items.

What started as a small family farm over two decades ago has broadened to over 150 varieties of produce, many of which we incorporate into our flavorful dishes. If you want to taste some of the delicious, fresh ingredients we use from GVB, ask your server which of their products are featured in our menu. Our team will be more than happy to point out which ingredients are local and which come from Gallatin Valley Botanical.

The Advantages of Locally Sourced Ingredients

Our passion for and success in the restaurant community only grows due to our partnerships with purveyors like Gallatin Valley Botanical. We cannot help but sing the praises of locally sourced ingredients because we know they positively impact our community, our environment, and the dishes we create at Feast. Supporting community suppliers and using locally sourced ingredients has many benefits, including:

  • They are great for the economy. What we purchase from our local suppliers is invested back into our community, local farms, and businesses.
  • They work in harmony with the environment. Local ingredients do not need to be shipped long distances, so the shorter transportation time reduces water and air pollution.
  • The quality and freshness of local produce and meats lend to higher nutritional values. Food begins to lose its nutrients within 24 hours of harvesting, so locally sourced ingredients have more nutritional value.

Be a part of the Journey at Feast!

Chef and Co-Owner Steve Kuntz reflects, “Gallatin Valley Botanical started as a small family farm over 20 years ago; they took over an old farm and orchard, broadened their offerings, and created more and more value on their land. We love supporting them and being a part of their journey.”

If you’re ready to go on a food journey with us by supporting local purveyors like Gallatin Valley Botanical, make a reservation at Feast Bar & Bistro for dinner tonight! Reserve your table online or call us at (406) 577-2377.

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